3 crowdfunded tools for scientists

Crowdfunding through sites like Kickstarter and Experiment provide a fantastic opportunity for creative scientists to support projects that don’t fit into traditional funding models. From helpful tools to maximize productivity, to fun games that teach important concepts, these projects are important contributions to the wider scientific community. We sifted through the most interesting, useful, and innovative crowdfunded project to bring you our favorites.

ZappyLab: ZappyLabs produces Bench Tools, a suite of apps that makes it easy for researchers to track their labwork, helping them avoid the simple mistakes that come with repetitive work.


IGoR: Independent Generation of Research, a protocol wiki that wants to help everyone do original scientific research. IGoR provides a central, curated source for both amateur and professional researchers.

iNeuron: iNeuron is game that teaches neuroscience to students at any level by turning smart phones and tablets into simulated neurons.

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