We’re Hiring a Technology Manager


Technology Manager at a growing life science company

If you have experience with IT management, particularly Google Suite and Slack, and coding, apply!


HappiLabs, Inc is a startup located in Chicago that provides a service called The Virtual Lab Manager, which is like a personal assistant for scientists who specializes in purchasing scientific supplies and equipment.

We collect data about the price and quality of lab supplies and use that to create a database for smarter purchasing in the future. By doing this, we help scientists do their job better and make the world a healthier place.


We’re looking for someone part-time, entry-level to manage our technology (apps and softwares). This includes our Google Suite and accounts associated with them (such as Gmail). You will be our in-house Slack expert to manage integrations; and you will be expected to write code to improve our apps built in-house.

Strong candidates for a position at HappiLabs need to be friendly, proactive, innovative, and tough.


  • Manage our Gmail accounts and Slack
  • Contribute code to our internal apps
  • Be our in-house “IT person” to fix minor hardware issues


  • Experience with Google tools, Slack
  • Developer skills: Javascript, Ruby on Rails, or SQL.
    • Coding languages in addition to the above are a plus
  • Recent graduate or current student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer/Data Science (Master’s students are welcome to apply)
  • 1-3 years experience
  • Mac/Apple user


  • Part-time, 15-30 hours per week
  • And there is an opportunity to convert into a full-time position.


$20/per hour


Please get in touch: HELLO@HAPPILABS.ORG.



It will not hurt to connect with Tom on LinkedIn.

Go Vote.

We support democracy at HappiLabs and want people to vote to make sure competent, honest, and hard working citizens (who work for the people!) are in office.

We are giving our employees the time they need to go vote on Tuesday Nov 6.

If your employer does not, please encourage them to.

Note: responsiveness by our Virtual Lab Managers may be slower on November 6

Thank you to Kiran, CEO at Odyssey Therapeutics, for putting us onto this.

Have a great day!

Tom Ruginis, CEO

#LabShopping Tip Number 1

chuttersnap-233105-unsplashLab supply shopping can be a time-consuming task. For example, at least 17 companies sell 50 mL conical tubes. So how do you avoid low-quality, experiment-ruining brands? Which supplier has the best price? That’s where we come in. At HappiLabs, we know how to get these answers efficiently and fast.

Over the next few months, we’ll share #LabShopping tips we swear by for buying the highest quality and most affordable equipment and supplies for our scientist friends. If you have any recommendations of your own, we’d love to hear them! Please tell us in the comments or tweet us @HappiLabs_org using #LabShopping. Now, on to our first tip:

Never Pay List Price…

….without asking for a lower price. Many companies sell the same product, competition is high and there is always someone willing to give you a discount. Just ask.

If you’d like help with searching or shopping for lab supplies, get in touch!

Promo Codes of the Week

Running a lab is way more fun when you find creative ways to save some moolah. Here at HappiLabs, our Virtual Lab Managers (VLMs) love to save you money on supplies and equipment.

That’s why we’ve curated a weekly promo list showcasing the best of the best. Check in every Tuesday for new additions – and if you know of any promo codes we didn’t catch, please share in the comments or tell us on Twitter @HappiLabs_org using hashtag #HappiSave.

Happi savings!

Exp. Date

Code Description



101VWR18 15% off consumables VWR



10% off & Free shipping

MAC’s Auto Parts

10/26/18 E51 Free shipping



WICKEDDEALS2018 25% off Eppendorf tubes   and plates Eppendorf



Free shipping


10/31/18 XTIP4               45% off xTIP4                    Biotix pipette tips




35% off Recombinant proteins



Multiple Codes

Various Promega promotions


12/31/18 495 Various discounts on “stockroom reagents”



Multiple Codes

Various discounts on Thermo promotional page

Thermo Fisher



60% off Chemical safety products – One time use




5% off purchases

Vitality Medical

A Message from our CEO Tom: Post-YCombinator at HappiLabs

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes of HappiLabs the last few months. As we mentioned in our last blog post, this summer, we joined world-class accelerator YCombinator (YC), to help advance our virtual lab manager technology. A couple weeks ago, we participated in a pivotal part of the program, Demo Day, where I presented to a select group of investors, press and other YC companies.


Time has flown by and offered few spare moments, but while fresh on my mind, I wanted to share an update:

Fundraising is almost over and soon I will get back to focusing on operations and technology. We will fall short of our fundraising goals but have enough money to move forward with 1-2 strategic hires, and I’ll get back to finishing fundraising in a couple months.

There are two weaknesses investors are pointing out:

  1. We do not have an in-house engineering team (we’ve been outsourcing)
  2. They fear it is difficult to sell to scientists (I agree!), which limits the rate of growth

I’m not worried about sales, we know how to sell to scientists.

On the other hand, our priority continues to be welcoming a Lead Engineer to our team. YC offered a wealth of resources to help us understand and plan for the technological developments necessary to build a game-changing product that will allow us to reach more labs. This knowledge has influenced what we’re looking for in this leading tech position (Interested in learning more? Click HERE).

In the meantime, we hired two freelancing software engineers to continue development of our second app that improves security and automates the organization of our purchasing data. Little by little, we’re evolving our service and following through on our commitment to bring more innovation to labs and scientists all over the world.

We have received press from awesome business and tech outlets like TechCrunch and Chicago Inno, who have written about the work we’re doing. Click here and here to have a read, and feel free to share with your networks.

The last post-YC happening is four new customers. Again, sales is not an issue, we continue to grow based on an amazing customer experience and the word-of-mouth it inspires. When we do supplement that with real sales channels….look out!

We will continue to keep you in the loop on company news and updates.

Until then, hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the last couple months. Thank you for your ongoing support!