Message from our President: Do suppliers provide consumers enough confidence about the quality of their lab supplies?

Hello scientists,

We’ve returned from PittCon (a tradeshow for lab supplies and suppliers) and it was an eye-opening experience. We asked suppliers if they would provide us with their documentation about quality control, and were surprised at how many said ‘no.’ Some who said ‘yes,’ we didn’t believe. Knowing about the Science plastic contamination paper, we’ve been researching to see who is telling the truth.

Our first piece of data is quality control documentation. To show you–the scientist and consumer–how some suppliers take this seriously and some don’t, here are 3 examples of documents for 96-well plates. Based on the document, which company makes you feel most confident in the quality of their plates?

Take a look at these three quality control certificates and let us know which ones you’d trust?

scientific lab supplies quality control
QC Certificate A
scientific lab supplies quality certificate
QC Certificate B
scientific lab supplies quality document applied biosystems
QC Certificate C

Who do you want to buy from?

Labs are hiring us to shop for their lab supplies and our #1 criteria for deciding who to purchase from is quality. If you would like assistance with avoiding low-quality options, please contact us. We’re professional shoppers for lab supplies.

Thank you for following along, and stay happy.

Tom 🙂

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