Time spent ordering

Ordering takes a lot of time.

The less time scientists spend in the purchasing cycle, the faster they can get back to happily focusing on science.
A HappiLabs summer intern, Lena, timed experienced Virtual Lab Managers (VLMs) placing orders online. The time ranged from just under four minutes to over seven.  An average of six minutes per order may not seem like much, but it quickly adds up with multiple orders a day.

Order time by supplier

The VLM team are scientists and purchasing experts. HappiLabs frees scientists’ time to do research and innovate.

#LabShopping Tip 3: Use Twitter for customer service issues

If you’re trying to contact a supplier and they are not responding quickly,

Contact the company via Twitter

Twitter is a public forum and therefore suppliers will see your comment and be more likely to respond. So, whether you have a customer service issue, need product information, or want a quote, head to the virtual world.

This tip was recommended by Raudel Sandoval, PhD (@TiredScientist), one of our Shopping Consultants and Quality Analyst. Follow us on Twitter: @HappiLabs_org