Thank you for Supporting Our Mission

We are grateful for our scientists, suppliers, and accountants.

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The Virtual Lab Manager team at HappiLabs sends thank you cards to scientists, individuals at suppliers, operations managers, and accountants that genuinely help us in our work to make scientists happy and improve the quality of their research.

We thank scientists for being scientists working to improve our world and our lives.

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HappiLabs knows it takes a team and special effort to change the world and we say thank you to those helping us do that.

Tell the world: #IamaPhD

Earning or achieving a Ph.D. is not something we declare loudly. However, the work of generating new human knowledge, solving problems, and doing work for the long term benefit of humanity deserves some recognition and praise. HappiLabs is proud to work with Ph.D.s by hiring them or helping them be efficient shoppers for lab supplies so they have more money and time to do their research.

Please, tweet a photo or Vine of your scientific research as a PhD and tag it with #iamaPhD