Reporting on Black Lives Matter action items

In July, HappiLabs made a commitment to Black Lives Matter. We are focused on improving diversity in the scientific supply chain. A statement few other scientific suppliers have stated outright.

An immediate, impactful action we set is to include Neta Scientific when shopping for lab supplies. On the flip side, we are driving business away from $170+ billion ThermoFisher, the blue whale of the scientific supply world, to improve the imbalance between ultra wealthy and everyone else. At HappiLabs, we walk the talk and will report metrics on our progress.

Before June, the HappiLabs network spent $0 with Neta Scientific. In the past three months, we made 21 purchases for a total of $16,639.17. August saw an increase of over 200% from July.

The bottom graph shows the difference in number of orders from the HappiLabs network between Neta Scientific and the ThermoFisher whale (Fisher and Thermo are tracked separately, although they are under the same corporate umbrella).

We ask that all scientists, in or out of the HappiLabs network, be more mindful about who they buy from and how you can contribute to change in the scientific supply chain.

It’s a long, tough road and we are up for the challenge of change. HappiLabs and our team of Virtual Lab Managers support equality and equity. Our position puts us into battles with scientists, sales reps, and sometimes even lawyers about the final decision on where a scientist buys supplies. We stand strong on our position to increase inclusivity in the scientific supply chain.

We’ll report back in a few months. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter @happilabs_org or contact us here with questions/comments.