The HappiLabs Coronavirus Task Force

HappiLabs is receiving many questions from scientists about the reliability of their supply chain and related functions. “Are my experiments at risk?!” We work towards a mission and will not let you down. Our mission:

To improve the happiness of scientists and the quality of their research

Therefore, we have appointed four of our Virtual Lab Managers (two PhD’s and two seasoned lab managers) to help organize and share relevant and factual information about the scientific supply chain during the coronavirus pandemic.

They will be meeting about 3-4 times per week and have three goals:

    1. Be a reliable source of information about the scientific supply chain.
    2. Keep our scientists updated on how the supply chain will affect their operations.
    3. Continue to do our job, as Virtual Lab Managers, to the best of our ability.

Here are actions we are taking to accomplish these goals for you:

    • Organize supplier updates. You know all those emails you’re getting from suppliers about their actions during the pandemic? We’re reading them all, filtering useful from non-useful info, and report important, reliable information. Which suppliers are being affected, which are not, and which are not providing any updates?
    • Focus on UPS, Fedex and all shipping companies. We’ll use public information that they provide along with anecdotal information that we see in real-time. Is UPS slowing down? What issues is Fedex having? 
    • Track availability of core items. This includes PPE and related items, gloves, and all other lab supplies that are critical to our network. Scientists, we’ll help you stock up or reserve critical supplies for your experiments.

We plan to provide updates every couple days, or when urgent messages are required to be shared. For now, instead of blast emailing everyone, we’re going to post updates on our blog (here), Twitter (@happilabs_org), and LinkedIn (HappiLabs). 

Meet our Coronavirus Task Force:

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