9-year, $180M contract–Looking to partner with a supplier who is owned by a minority, female, veteran, or persons with disability

virtual lab manager for scientists

Hello world. As part of our mission to improve the happiness of scientists and the quality of their research, we are looking to partner with companies who represent the under-represented.

The state of Illinois has posted a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a 9-year contract estimated to be worth $180M for providing scientists (and future scientists) with lab supplies, equipment, software, and support.

HappiLabs is submitting a proposal.

Based on past records, there is very little competition for the same suppliers who win these bids every year, mainly ThermoFisher (valued at $112B!!!) and VWR ($6.5B). We are a small, family-run business, and as young and small as we are, we will do our best to break the status quo, win some of this bid, and bring new and innovative value to scientists of Illinois. To do that, we are looking for strategic partners who stand for more than just profits for their shareholders.

The RFP establishes a goal of 20% for contracting with businesses that have been certified as “owned and controlled by persons who are minorities, female, or persons with disabilities (BEP certified vendor). 30 ILCS 575.” And a goal of 3% for businesses owned and controlled by qualified veterans and service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses. The state of Illinois calls this the Business Enterprise Program (BEP). You can read more about it here.

At HappiLabs, we are a diverse group with 14 employees that are 54% female, 31% minority, and 5 PhDs. We are focused on helping scientists, and any human is welcome. Are there suppliers out there who can help us promote diversity in the sciences?

If you are BEP certified, or want to be, please contact us ASAP. Help us help the scientists of the world.

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