Avoid the Time Sink of Product Research. Ask HappiLabs.

How often do you lose time researching information about a product or equipment? Ugh, we know that feeling and are happy to save you the time and keep your lab moving fast.

HappiLabs Virtual Lab Managers (VLMs) are more than purchasers. We answer scientists’ questions too, questions they’d have to take time away from their experiments to research. Here are a few questions VLMs have been asked recently.


Can you please find these one way stop cocks (STPC 100C) from a vendor with next day shipping? We need them by tomorrow.


Oh no! Sigma is out of stock. Can you find an alternative for this Calcium Chloride (449709-10G) from Sigma? It’s urgent.


We ordered some glass vials from Proindustrial.com with a 50 µm ID before. Can you please look for vials with a 60 µm ID? I would like the shorter length vials.


To fit our budget, can you source a Leica Microtome RM2135 from a used supplier?


Can you get a footprint estimate for a 230 L liquid nitrogen tank, and find out any regulatory details for securing it in California? If they need to be secured (for earthquakes, etc), can you find out what restraints are required?

How a Virtual Lab Manager tackles these requests: 

  1. Our team. A lot of VLMs have answered these same questions in the past. Therefore it’s easy to dig into our database or lean on each other for help.
  2. Search engines: Google, Bing, and Dogpile.
  3. Call vendor technical support or contact a sales representative.
  4. Search on a suppliers’ websites (last resort as many supplier websites lack sufficient info to get answers)

Science is full of questions. By fielding the ones about products and sourcing items, HappiLabs allows scientists’ to spend more time focusing on science.

Email us anytime!

Photo credit: Pixabay. Usage: CC0.

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