What Scientists Are Saying About HappiLabs

HappiLabs is focused on providing excellent service with intelligent purchasing skills. We train our Virtual Lab Managers to be the best lab managers on the planet so that you can focus on what you were trained to do–science! We commonly hear scientists say, “I’ve never heard of that type of service.” Correct. It’s brand new, jump on the bandwagon now and make sure your lab is run more efficiently than the one next door.

Hear what other customers have to say about our services:

Efficient, affordable, fantastic. Lets us be scientists.

Matthew Gillum, Ph.D., PI of Gillum Lab

ethan_perlstein_labHappiLabs is a real value-add to a growing biotech startup. Three words that describe my experience with them: satisfaction, satisfaction, satisfaction.

Ethan Perlstein, Ph.D., CEO of Perlstein Lab

Working with Happilabs has been like having a friend who lives inside my computer. I send requests for product research, ordering, and even complicated price negotiations and it just works. Thanks guys.

Eric Lewyllen, Ph.D., Scientist at Assembly Biosciences

To date, they have saved us over $1,100. I am happy that a service like this exists; it makes my job easier.

Jenny Beck, Director of UIC Research Resource Center

Hammack epibiomeHaving accounting controls in place, and readily audit-able, is highly valuable. Thanks again for all of the excellent work.
HappiLabs has definitely been an integral part of running our business and we remain both impressed and pleased with the services they provide.

Aaron Hammack, Ph.D., COO of EpiBiome

By using Happilabs we are able to complete our scientific experiments with the highest efficiency. They find us the optimal resources and reagents based on our needs and save us a significant amount of time and money in the process.

Nina DiPrimio, Ph.D., Scientist at Perlstein Lab

uri lopatin assembly bioThree words that describe my experience with HappiLabs: Content. Cost effective.

Uri Lopatin, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Assembly Biosciences

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