About a virtual lab manager

Virtual Lab Manager

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Virtual Lab Manager? Liz Sacho, Ph.D. talks about her experience with HappiLabs:

I started out working just a few hours a week for HappiLabs as an Assistant Virtual Lab Manager, doing searches for products.  Quite often you can find the identical or a comparable product that is a better deal, and it was my job to find those deals.  Other searches were in response to client requests for something to solve a problem they were having, and I would see if a product existed that would meet their needs.

Those searches were a lot of fun, and I got to combine my scientific and problem solving background with the product search skills I had been developing.

When I became a full Virtual Lab Manager, I started working with a couple of labs, and learned more about the exciting research they’re doing. In addition to product searches and price comparisons, I was interacting with scientists, placing orders, organizing financial information, and interacting with sales reps and vendors to get quotes, discounts and order statuses.

When I was working in a lab, I would get quotes and information about my orders by email.  Working at HappiLabs, I realized just how much quicker you can get things done if you pick up the phone and ask!

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