Lab Shopping for Silica Gel and saving $100’s

Recently, one of our Virtual Lab Managers was shopping for Silica Gel for chromatography based a customer request (because they didn’t want to waste 15 minutes of work time googling this themselves).

The requests from the customer were for Sigma high-purity grade 200-500 micron particle size, 35-70 mesh at 40 and 60 Angstroms. Sigma quoted $1400/10 kg and $1110/10 kg for the respective sizes.

Purchasing and Customer Service ScientistWe found Silicycle with list prices of $1008/10 kg for the 40 Angstrom size and $540/10 kg for the 60 Angstrom size. This amounts to savings of $392 ($39.20/kg) and $570 ($57.00/kg) for the respective sizes.

Savings like these could make a huge difference for a start-up company. If you shop around, you could save hundreds of dollars for just one order. Think about what a HappiLabs Virtual Lab Manager could do for you and your funding!

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