2 Reasons a Virtual Lab Manager Cuts Costs for Your Biotech

We frequently find small biotechs where scientists are doing the purchasing of their lab supplies and equipment. Is that what they should be doing for 30-60 minutes a day?

HappiLabs allows your company to outsource the purchasing process. We’ll buy everything from pipette tips and centrifuges, to sticky notes and office chairs. You hire us like you’d hire an employee to perform these tasks, but we’re not an employee. Here are 2 reasons this will save you money:

1. You won’t pay taxes, social security, and medicaid. Someone has to do the purchasing for your lab. If it’s done in-house, you pay these extra costs. If you hire us, depending on the state, that’s a 12% savings on one employee.

2. You don’t have to pay us health insurance. How much is health insurance costing your company?

Is a virtual lab manager a right fit for your lab? Receive a free consultation.

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