Meet our newest microjobber: Lauren Sakowski (@LaSaks87)

Science marketing communications microjobWe recently opened a new microjob position and hired a neuroscientist/molecular biologist/grad student getting ready to defend her thesis. Say hello to Lauren Sakowski. She’ll be doing for us what Ian Street, PhD (@IHStreet) and Andrew Thaler, PhD (@SFriedScientist) did for us last year–create and publish content to our blog.

Lauren is interested in expanding her skill set to potentially land a writing or communications job after she lands her PhD in March. We will help her with that. Expect to see a couple blog posts telling a story about the neuroscience of shopping for a lab.

Currently she also writes at her own blog, NeuroCultureBlog. You can follow her on Twitter, @LaSaks87, and you can read a couple fun facts about Lauren at the HappiLabs People page.

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