Lab Shopping for Reagent Reservoirs

Recently, one of our Virtual Lab Managers was shopping for reagent reservoirs. The request from our customer was for Corning/Costar brand–Disposable Reagent Reservoirs, Sterile, 50 mL, 100/Case (Corning #4871).

Before we purchase for a lab, we always double check prices at other sites. Here is what we found for the List Price across different suppliers (this is for the EXACT same item):

From whom do you think we purchased?

PAY ATTENTION to your lab shopping and your funding will last longer

Please note:

  • The VWR website is confusing as the Supplier No. and Description do not match the other suppliers. So we posted the price based on the matching supplier number (4871).
  • And prices can fluctuate day-to-day for some suppliers.

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