How to shop for expensive 384-well plates

Photo from Sigma Aldrich website

We work with several biotech companies who are developing high-throughput processes for identifying drug candidates. Therefore we’ve spent much time shopping for 384-well plates. Pricing for plates is EXPENSIVE and variable. If you don’t pay attention, you might spend $903.22 instead of $565.20.

Here is a list of 6 companies that sell 384-well plates with black walls, transparent bottom, sterile, and a lid. These companies sell the EXACT SAME product (#781687 from BrandTech). If you use these types of plates, you have the decision to buy for:

Who would you buy from?

Keep in mind, this is “List Price” and some organizations/companies/universities receive a discount and/or “free shipping” from certain suppliers, but it still doesn’t bring you down to the price.

As one former Sigma employee told us, “You’d be surprised at how many scientists pay list price.”

Here is a list of plates on clearance at BrandTech Scientific: Clearance, Discounted, and Overstock Web Specials

PAY ATTENTION to your lab shopping and your funding will last longer.

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