A List of Woman-Run Scientific Suppliers

We analyzed 70 common distributors and manufacturers of scientific supplies, services, and equipment. There are only 6 that are run by women. If this is important for you as you shop for lab supplies, support the companies below.

Elizabeth-Iorns-scientific-supplierScience Exchange – Elizabeth Iorns, PhD is the CEO and co-Founder of this hot startup that supplies scientists with easier access to experiments.

Dot Scientific – Dorothy Boone is the Founder and President of this distributor of general lab supplies and equipment.

Chemglass Life Science – Regina Surdam is CEO of this manufacturer of scientific and chemistry products, and supplier of chromatography vials and closures.

Gilson – Atika El Sayed, PhD is the CEO of this manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of manual and automated liquid handling solutions.

Macherey-Nagel – Carolin Wagner is the CEO of this supplier specializing in filtration, chromatography, Rapid Testing, bioanalysis, and medical diagnostics.

Recently discovered: Cori J. Smith owns BioLink Scientific, a distributor of general laboratory suplies.

To see our full analysis, visit: An Analysis of Woman-owned Scientific Suppliers

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