#LabShopping Tip 6: Shop at Amazon for Scientific Supplies

Let’s get straight to the point…we are happy to see Amazon entering labs. They are nice competition for the monster distributors that exist, they have free shipping on most orders, and their return policy is the best in the Life Science industry.

Shop for lab supplies at Amazon

Supplies we recommend you buy from Amazon:

  1. Gloves. They are fairly priced and with the free shipping, you can’t beat it. We recommend the Aurelia brand of latex and nitrile gloves.
  2. General and common lab supplies, such as beakers, stir bars, basic centrifuges, spatulas, and tube racks.
  3. And it won’t be long until consumables like PCR plates, conical tubes, and pipette tips are competitively priced.

Last, pay the $75 for Amazon Prime. It’ll be worth it for 2-day free shipping.

For more tips, see the #LabShopping hashtag or view previous posts.


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