#LabShopping Adventures: Choosing the right pipette tip

We’ve all been there. A failed experiment. What went wrong? According to studies published in Science and Biotechniqueslow-quality plastics could be the problem.

How does your lab decide which pipette tips to use? Choose wisely!

(if you have trouble following along, read the script below)

Choosing The Right Tip 

Scientist grabs pipettor.

Pipettor hovers over a box of pipette tips as scientists debates which tips to select.

Pipette tips in box: “Pick me!!!!” “No me!”, “oooh, oooh, ooh!!!! Over here!!! (perhaps they’re jumping up and down a bit).

Tips that didn’t get picked are disappointed. “drat” “@#$%”, etc.

How much thought do you put into selecting pipette tips? Hopefully more than 6 seconds.

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