PCR Tube Adventures: Don’t Fear The Master Mix

Master mixes are time saving solutions, but low-quality plastics are not. The wrong brand of PCR tube could leave you with a failed experiment and the time associated with a repeat.

(script is below the video)
Video by Ian Street, Ph.D. (@IHStreet)

“Don’t Fear the Master mix.”

Two 0.2 mL tubes, minding their own business, just hanging out.

PCR tube 1: “Did you catch Cosmos?”

PCR tube 2: “No, I was getting ready for work, big PCR today…”

PCR tube 1: What’s That?!

PCR tube 2: It’s the Master Mix tube, fresh from the frigid ice bucket…RUN!!!!!

Master Mix tube chases 0.2 mL off the PCR tube rack…

Don’t fear the Master Mix, fear low quality plastic.

See our other video: “Another Failed Experiment.”

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