#LabShopping Tip Number 1

Welcome to our new Tuesday morning series to help scientists become better shoppers for lab supplies.

Shopping for lab supplies can be a time-consuming task. For example, at least 17 companies sell 50 mL conical tubes. Can you avoid the low-quality, experiment-ruining brands? Who has the best price? How much time are you willing to invest in finding these answers? HappiLabs has answers.

Every Tuesday morning we’ll release our newest recommendation to help scientists shop for lab supplies & equipment. You can also follow along on Twitter at #LabShopping. Our first tip is:

Never Pay List Price…

….without asking for a lower price. Many companies list a price on their website (list price). Since there are many companies selling the same product, competition is high and there is alway someone willing to give you a discount. Just ask.

If you want help with searching or shopping for lab supplies, contact us.

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