Find out what we’re tweeting each day of the week

You may have noticed that the theme of @HappiLabs_org tweets changes each day. We’re syncing the HappiLabs twitter account with the broader themes discussed on the blog. Every day of the week we’ll be focusing on a different aspect of like as a research scientist. The schedule is:

  • Monday: Happiness – Research, content and tweets about happiness, positivity, organizing your life and/or lab.
  • Tuesday: Sustainability – Resources and info about making labs more green/sustainable.
  • Wednesday: Jobs and Entrepreneurship – Tips, opportunities, and information for science jobs, startups, and innovation.
  • Thursday: Policy and Funding – Government & business news that affects the sciences.
  • Friday: Community and Events – Updates, resources, and info about social, networking, and industry events. And “thank you’s” to members of our community.
  • Saturday and Sunday we’ll be sharing anything that catches our interest. 

So follow us all week long or check in on the days that interest you; whichever makes you happy.

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