3 Recommendations for a More Sustainable Lab – from @IHStreet

We want to help you create more financially sustainable and greener labs. One easy step is to use less packaging & supplies. Consider how much plastic you use. The University of Illinois, Chicago College of Medicine Research Building, with ~560 researchers, went through 29,000 pipette tip boxes in just over a year! When saving money and saving the environment, there’s no reason not to find alternate uses for laboratory supplies. Below are several examples of re-using a common consumables—pipette tip boxes and parts.

1) PCR rack from pipette tip inserts Tape pipette tip rack inserts together. Never buy a $20 PCR rack again!


2) DIY Crafts – What ideas do you have for reusing lab waste? We made a pipette tip box garden.


3) Storage containers – Empty pipette tip boxes can be used as a tub for solutions or for the storage of tubes, paper clips, bottle caps, etc.



Content courtesy of: Ian Street, PhD @IHStreet

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