Message from our President: We are creating jobs for hungry scientists.

HappiLabs President Tom Ruginis.
HappiLabs President Tom Ruginis.

Heading into 2014, there continues to be more PhDs than there are jobs for PhDs. But what can an unemployed (and unhappy) scientist do to find a job? We take this issue seriously at HappiLabs.

To help out, we’ve created “microjobs.” Microjobs, like internships, provide scientists with the opportunity to develop new skills, build their resume, and, of course, supplement their income. So even if research jobs are not available in academia or industry, we’ll help scientists find jobs in other fields—like marketing, data analysis, or communication. We believe this will make them happier.

We have positions available for a Data Analyst, a Marketer, and a Science Communicator. If you know someone needing a microjob, please send them our way! For more info, visit

Tom Ruginis

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