Are low-quality lab supplies ruining your experiments?

HappiLabs President Tom Ruginis.
HappiLabs President Tom Ruginis.

Do you remember that day when you thought your experiment would result in useful data, but instead resulted in junk data and left you thinking, “not again”? What did you change the next time around? Maybe you revised your protocol, remade the buffers, or reconsidered your unscientific superstition.

Have you considered the brand of your supplies? Well, it’s time to start investigating the quality of the brands used in your experiments as a potential contributor to failed experiments.

happilabs price and quality reviews

Contaminated plastics hamper DNA assays Nature

The process of evaluating lab supplies, such as pipette tips, should involve more than a cost comparison. One also needs to consider their quality! Reports in Nature and Science discuss the increased risk of experimental failure due to low quality lab supplies. Be sure to discuss this topic at your next lab meeting and start evaluating the quality of your lab supplies.

Let us help. Sign up for details about our Product Intelligence Reports at Your brain will thank you after more successful experiments.

Your community leader,

Tom Ruginis

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